A Mouth Watering Opportunity

Sweetness in work
requires one to
take a bitter first bite of the branch
and chew, for a short time,
breaking up the tough, thick bark -

and then you find the tender, green middle
it is an invigorating sugar
rewarding one with a desire to
keep tasting.

 It is a soft center
-the reason for starting
-the joy in the doing
-an easy nectar

I am a childish soul,
with shallow forsight-
always forgetting the second part.
I pinch my mouth closed,
shake my head side to side.

Sometimes, I attempt to build up the nerve
Turning the stick over and over,
looking for the easiest way to start at it
resisting the intial roughness on my tongue.

The wiser soul does not hesitate
to grasp the scabrous timber
and bite hungrily.
-He knows-
His jaw strengthens
He can chew down thicker, tougher tasks
His capacity to take in sweetness increases
when he does not hesitate.

1 comment:

cristie said...

this poem made me think of so many real living examples in my own life...the power of poetry.

you did it for me girl. xox