I Was Skimming Through

a blog I like.  This person decided to take a portrait of each of her children once a week for the year.  It was her New Year's Resolution. 

I loved that idea.  Then I meandered onto my blogger dashboard and realized that not only have I not blogged in quite some time, but that my last post was a bit depressing.  And it wasn't about my cute baby!  What?! 

Samuel Bowen is 8 months old.  Already.  I just can't believe it.  He changes so fast.  And I know my other children do too.  I may have to adopt this "once a week photo" resolution. 

I guess for today, I will post some photos of Bo.  Some of my relatives don't do Instagram, and so don't see the many pictures I take of my baby, and have requested that I post some.

Here are a couple for now (from his younger days - last summer).  I promise to add more soon!

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Matt B said...

Love his lips- Raquel