Like a Rolling Stone

Yesterday I was driving with my daughter.
We had the music on loud
we were singing.

Like a flash, I saw you- in her place.
I heard your laugh, which I love so much.
We were road-trippin'.  Remember?

Loud music
Bob Dylan
"This is my personal anthem"
you said.  And you sang every word, with feeling.
Swaying, eyes closed.

When you are happy,
the light that shines from you is the

You introduced me to the White Stripes that day
I became obsessed.
It was a thing we could share,
which was nice, because - let's be honest

We didn't share a whole lot
It's hard for you
To find a place to fit in.
Hard for me, too, to meet you where you are.
The prettiest misfit I ever saw - that's you.
How does it feel?

We all have our stuff, the stuff that makes life hard work.
But your lot, dear girl - it's a puzzle to me.
So I struggle
But not with liking you, or loving you.
You make that really easy.  It's a gift you have, I think.

And so when I saw your vision there
My eyes stung and my heart broke.
Last week I said some things I shouldn't have,
(even though I meant every word).
I should have taken more time.
I forgot about the fine print-
that part of you that says;

More patience required. 
No, more than that... 
but it's worth it.

I lost sight of the bigger picture.

Pushed too hard, and you say you're through. done.
That's new for me (but probably inevitable).
So now you're in the dark
And we ever wait.

To hear you laugh again, dear girl.
That would be sweet music.
Because that personal anthem of yours has a few things wrong;

You are known.
You are loved.
You have a home.
And we ever wait.


Jo said...

Beautiful Melissa. I pray she returns soon. Love the Carter family.

cristie said...

Funny thing is...I held out to a 40% chance of hearing from her yesterday. It's true hope springs eternal.

Your words make my eyes sting, my heart swell...we all love her so much. My constant prayer is for her to come unto Him. He will share every burden. I know this to be true. xox

Lizzie said...

crying. it's a shame you aren't writing on here more.

so grateful for you in our family.