10 things I've learned in 2 days:

1.  Bo calls feathers "fly" 

2.  After 16 years, I finally succeeded at making a yummy pot roast.   I hope it wasn't dumb luck. 

3.  Flannel sheets are the BEST.  The BEST, I say.
4.  There is such a thing called "Glacial Silt" - and it makes quicksand sound like a cake walk.
5.  Blogging at night leaves me tired and not wanting to post.
6.  My 1970s house comes equipped with this bad boy.  It's a heat lamp on the ceiling in the bathroom.  I really like it.  

7. Bo's new favorite thing is to put bubbles on his chin right when he gets Into the bath. 

8.  Teenagers like to talk to parents.  Mine do, anyway- Usually when I'm laying in bed at night.  But it's a sweet surprise and I am grateful for the time with them. 

9.  My list of potential excuses for not getting in shape got quite a bit smaller.  I got a trainer for my bike. 

10.  I realized that I've become a baby lady.  I loooovve them.  I used to be really scared of babies.  But look at some of our newest family members:  Aren't my nieces the sweetest?  I wish I had taken a picture of my nephew while he was here.  He's such a charmer, with the warmest smile.  Heart melting.   


The Carters said...

Loved catching up on your blog. I look up to you in so many ways.

Lizzie said...

i love this post!! i miss you.