Have you ever fallen asleep while saying your prayers?

How about mid morning?  It was 10am before I got to saying my prayers and I woke up kneeling at my bed to the sound of Bo asking "codor?" --he was holding a pencil in his hand.  I haven't found where he "codored",  yet...

so this is going to be a sleepy and sloppy post.  

  today Bo was in full swing toddle-mode, I'd say...

Haha, this picture cracks me up.  

By 430pm, I felt likeit really, really should be bedtime.  It was the kind of day where you feed your toddler refried beans and corn chips, sprinkled with sixlets candies.  He started with an orange so I feel no guilt.  


It has taken me three days to figure out where my holiday husband has gone.  He's been acting different... Oh yes, holiday is over and it's back to work and that requires some sobriety.  He's such a good man.  

I believe him when he says he would be the most impressive, honorable 
And even affable man of means and leisure there ever was.  He says it with a laugh, but he's kind of serious.  I know people often speak of Mr.  Darcy as this silver tongued hottie-  but if you've read the book, you would know that he is pensive, no nonsense, and abrupt-  all while being so good, full of integrity and a possessing a compassionate heart.   Put him in a frilly shirt and trousers, on a massive estate with beautiful English gardens, and my handsome Sam is as close as it gets.  

As I try to wrap up this post, I am once again interrupted by my daughter's excited explanations of the episode of Dr. Who she is currently watching.  I blame all grammatical and spelling mistakes onthese many  interruptions.  To say she is a fan, is not saying enough.    She's fun. 

Day three.  My life is good.  We are safe.  I am grateful.  



HA HA HA HA I cannot stop laughing about the refried beans and sixlets

cristie said...

This is such a wonderful slice of your life.

Spot on adjectives while comparing Sam to Mr. Darcy.

Your heart is full and that makes me so happy. xox