Recalling the day:

The highlight was listening to Dad (Sam) make up love poems with words that had changed endings.  You know, so it would rhyme with some girl's name that our boys new.  We laughed a lot. 

Another image, is that of a woman who I just met.  Who is brave and fun and tries so hard to be good.  She is a mother.  She has heartache somewhere.  I can see that, too.  She has shown love and kindness to me from the start.  I found a treasure, is what happened.

There are other things lurking.  Things like insecurity and even suspicion.  But, I am trying to not feed those thoughts.  I am trying to try and be a good girl, I am.  That's as clear as I'm going to get on that topic.

I am missing the clean air... I'm not depressed though, because I found this autumn photo, taken from my porch and know pretty days will come round again: 

That was a great moment, too. 

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